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Trophy Northern Pike
Fishing photos from Lawford Lake Outfitters Fly-In Fishing Lodge.

Walleye and Northern Pike Fishing for the whole family!

Lorraine catching the BIG one!!

Randy Campbell with the catch of the day!


Good day of fishing!!

For your safety and assistance, we have a base manager who is responsible for orientation on the boat safety and the lake. He ensures that the outboard motor and all of the equipment in the cabin is in good working order.

Moose Hunting and Bear Hunting Available!!

Ken and Norman with a 54" bull moose
and a young bull
- Oct/08.

Stewart and Alvin "guide" with a big bull.

Matt catching walleye.

Russell with walleye - Sept/08.

David catching shore lunch - Sept/08.

Mark, the 'rookie' with his walleye.

Charlie with a 16" walleye.

Scott with an 18" walleye that was released.

Lenny with a regular size walleye -
19-21", 2-4 lbs.

Lenny, Charlie, Scott.

Fred Muskego with 36" Northern
in 12-15 ft. of water - June/08.

Scott and Charlie in their own boat. Every two guests have the use of their 16 ft. Lund with a 15HP Yamaha and unlimited gas.

Just Another day of Fishing at Lawford Lake...

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Rich in Native cultures and traditions, the north is a living portrait of the Aboriginal way.



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Lawford Lake Outfitters in northern Manitoba, Canada

Jerry with his shorelunch catch of the day.

Jerry with his 35" Northern Pike caught in July 2010.

Wayne who came all the way from Japan, caught this 39" Northern Pike caught in July 2010.

A “donkey" (Moose) seen by Reese and Owen during the last day of fishing.

Owen with one of his hundred Walleye caught during their three day stay.

Reese with his one of over two hundred Walleye that he caught. He had a log sheet to keep track on the number of fish he caught.

Scott & Charlie with a "double banger" (caught at the same time) Walleye.

Lenny with one of his hundreds of Walleye.

Scott with his Big Northern Pike, was later released.

The guys (Jerry, Ed, Arley & Wayne) taking a break from catching all the fish.They had their shore lunch ready for the guide to dress and cook.

Enjoying their shore lunch after a good morning of catching walleye.

Fred with a trophy walleye, which was also released for the up-coming guests.